From the mountains of Almeria to a unique collection for your table

This collection is made with natural clay from the small town of Íllar, Almería. The process of collecting, processing, and later combining the clay with other materials, allows us to create a unique and highly resistant ceramic paste, which provides our pieces with the characteristics of the territory. Illar is a town located at the foot of the Alpujarra of Almería. The mountains that surround the town are arid and yellowish, that is why, when approaching the town, one is surprised by the intensity of the green from the orange and lemon trees in the area. Located in the valley of the river Andarax, Íllar is one of many towns in Almeria that live off crops.

It all started with some marble balls

It is no coincidence then, that our workshop is located here, lost in these mountains, nor is it surprising that the properties of the different soils in the area soon reached our ears. The Marga (marl), as we call this clay, is so plastic and pure in some areas that it can be molded in the same place where it is collected without hardly any processing – in fact, children from the village used it to create their own marbles that they cooked next to the fire. But like many clays of this type, it does not withstand high temperatures, that is why we had to do many tests before reaching a recipe that would allow us to obtain good results. This collection is the result of this research.

This clay is so plastic that it can be molded in the same place where it is collected without hardly processing it - in fact, the children of the town used to use it to create their own marble balls that they cooked next to the fire.

Pieces for everyday use

The pieces in this collection have been fired at 1230ºC which makes them resistant and durable for daily use. The transparent glaze on the inside in contrast to the unglazed exterior makes us in direct contact with natural clay, making each experience a unique moment.

All the pieces are suitable for both the dishwasher and the microwave, however, being artisan products, and handmade, you must take care of them especially if you want to keep them for a longer time. In the cleaning and care section we give you some tips to clean the pieces and extend their useful life.

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