The magical evolution of a natural material

The piece you are holding has been carefully made in our Tierra de Arcillas workshop. From recollecting and processing the local clay from the Alboloduy Mountains, we have created this collection to bring a piece of our land to your table. Among the arid mountains of Almería there is a town called Alboloduy. Crossing it is a spectacle for all your senses: gorse and thyme surround you with their perfume, serpentine roads between solemn mountains show you their greatness, while lands of a thousand colors seek to capture your attention.

From the Alpujarra terraces to your table

One of these lands is Launa, a slate soil of variable tones (mainly gray but can be found in reddish or violet gradients) with great insulating properties. This material marked the constructions for generations, waterproofing the rooftops of the Alpujarra houses and protecting them from the outside. Although many years have passed since its use, this soil contributed to shaping a landscape typical of the area, where the houses are perfectly integrated into the territory. At Tierra de Arcillas we want to enhance the importance of this material in the cultural memory of the territory, bringing it, through our pieces, from the exterior to the interior of the homes. We want to give this material a new life, which helps raise awareness about the importance of preserving the territory and its own character.

The launa is a slate clay that marked the Alpujarra constructions for generations, waterproofing the terraces of the houses and protecting them from the outside, thus achieving a perfect integration into the territory.

Resistant pieces for everyday use

The pieces in this collection have been fired at 1230ºC which makes them resistant and durable for daily use. The transparent glaze on the inside in contrast to the unglazed exterior makes us in direct contact with natural clay, making each experience a unique moment.

All the pieces are suitable for both the dishwasher and the microwave, however, being artisan products, and handmade, you must take care of them especially if you want to keep them for a longer time. In the cleaning and care section we give you some tips to clean the pieces and extend their useful life.

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