Cleaning recommendations

Cleaning recommendations

Our pieces are everyday use objects, however they’re handmade products and therefore require more care than normal mass produced ceramics. Even though all the pieces are dishwasher and microwave safe, you should take special care of them if you want to keep them for a longer time. Here is a list of a few recommendations to clean your pieces and to extend their life:

  • Hand washing your pieces with soap and a soft sponge is the best option.
  • Wash after use if possible, if not, avoid leaving liquid in them overnight or for long periods of time.
  • Unglazed surfaces, like the exterior of most of our pieces, are sometimes more susceptible to stains. To prevent them we recommend you wash them after use.
  • It is preferable to avoid sudden changes in temperature, so it is better to let the boiling water settle before pouring it into the cup.


All our products can be placed in the dishwasher for daily washing and care, unless otherwise stated. If you want to keep the piece for a longer time though, it’s recommended to hand wash them with soap and a soft sponge. Remember they’re handcraft and therefore require more care than mass produced factory ceramics.


Even though it’s not the best option, all the pieces are microwave safe. Please note, the pieces can turn incredibly hot when heated in the microwave therefore it is preferable to use a kettle or another boiling system that won’t warm up the piece as much. As noted, it is recommended to avoid sudden temperature changes, so let the boiling water settle before pouring it.

Food safe & Crackles

All the tableware pieces are food safe. They are glazed on the inside with a transparent free-lead glaze, suitable for culinary purposes.

Crackles may appear over time and can stain naturally due the use of high colored liquids, like coffee or tea. Since most of our pieces are fired at high temperature (if not, it is specified on the description), all of them are vitrified properly so there is nothing toxic or dangerous that can leach out from the crackle glazes.