Chakoro, the aroma of tea

Tierra de arcillas + TESUKO

Chakoro, the aroma of tea

A Chakoro is a tea leaf burner, which has a double function. On the one hand, you will enjoy the aromas that the tea gives you while it is slowly toasted with the heat of a candle, and on the other hand, you will be able to enjoy infusing those same leaves once toasted, being yourself the one who gives that last final touch to the tea.


The Chakoro is of recent use in Japan, as it appeared in 1997 when a company from Aichi prefecture began to market it. It has been very well received in the Japanese country and can currently be found in many tea houses and shops.


Depending on the variety of tea that we are using, we can enjoy different types of aromas: fresh, sweet, toasted, slightly fruity and salty. We remind you to discover which aroma is your favorite by trying different teas or even giving a second life to those forgotten teas in the cupboard or that you didn’t like too much.

Tierra de arcillas + TESUKO

The paths of Tierra de clays and TESUKO meet in the search for the origin. Either from the teas that Verónica selects from different parts of the world or from the clays that Julia and Milena find in different places around them.

Tierra de arcillas

At Tierra de arcillas we work with clay from the Alpujarra mountains in Almeria, where the workshop is located. Through the use of local resources we speak of the origin through our pieces.

The soil with which the Chakoro is made is a slate clay, with gray tones that gives off aromas of eucalyptus, broom and thyme and permeates the workshop while we process it to be able to use it.

Through the holes of the Chakoro you will be able to see the candle flame and enjoy the circular or elongated reflection that it projects on the wall, creating a warm and cozy atmosphere.


Verónica Hegar is the tea sommelier behind TESUKO, a specialty tea brand with a focus on origin, traceability and the hands that process it, from start to finish.

Once you have roasted the leaves in the Chakoro and enjoyed the tea with your nose, you can infuse it and savor a homemade roasted tea.


With the purchase of the Chakoro you will receive samples of three Japanese teas selected by Tesuko for their uniqueness and freshness so that you can get started with the different aromas of the tea. Among the selection you will find a sencha, a kukicha and a Japanese black tea.

Step Nº1

Put a teaspoon (approximately 4 grams) in the upper bowl.

Step Nº2

Light a candle and place it at the bottom to enjoy the aromas of the tea.

Step Nº3


Infuse the roasted tea leaves following the indications of the tea that we have selected.