In Tierra de Arcillas we give back to the object its identity, making visible its origin


Hi, We're Tierra de arcillas! 🙂

Tierra de arcillas are Julia y Milena.


Julia comes from a graphic design world. She has always liked materials and textures, and above all knowing the origin, so when she started with ceramics she immediately realized that her favorite part would be to understand and explore the possibilities that the use of different clays and materials gave her.o She started formulating her own clay bodies, and almost naturally she was getting more and more into the use of natural clays.

The more she read about the properties of clays and how each territory had its own characteristics, the more she realized the importance of local clays as part of the cultural and social heritage of the territories. This is how, when she returned to Almería, her hometown, she decided that it was the perfect time and place to start Tierra de arcillas, a project where local clay is the protagonist of the pieces in each collection.

Milena is passionate about light in all its forms, and that is why she dedicated many years to developing all kinds of projects related to lighting, especially architectural lighting. Although it may seem strange to move from working with an intangible material, such as light, to a tangible material, such as earth, it occurred in a very natural way, since according to her, clay, like light, can be modeled for inhabit a space. From the first moment she fell in love with the colors and textures of the arid mountains of Almería, and wanted to try and experiment with all the clays and minerals that she found on his way. This is how this new passion for creating pieces with local materials was born, which reflect an environment and convey the importance of the preservation of the territories

Clays with origin

In Tierra de Arcillas we care about the origin of our materials and that is why we make all our products with clays of proximity, preparing, mostly, our own ceramic pastes. The increasingly widespread use of industrial pastes, puts the object above the product, depriving it of the characteristics and qualities that each area provides. In Tierra de Arcillas we want to give back to the object its identity, making visible its origin.


We are where we eat

Our workshop is located at the foot of the Andarax river, in the province of Almeria. Known for its deserts and arid mountains, Almeria has always been a land of clay. From prehistoric times to the present day, there have been many people who for centuries have been dedicated to producing ceramic objects using the resources around them. Our main philosophy is to refine the shapes of these objects and innovate with local materials, preserving the properties and features of traditional pottery. Thus, surrounded by chromatisms ranging from grey to the purest brown, the extraction of clays and minerals from the surrounding area turns our pieces into a reflection of our environment.


We are where we eat

Beyond the well-known saying ‘We are what we eat’, at Tierra de Arcillas we firmly believe that ‘We are where we eat’. We cook, serve and eat every day on plates of different colours, shapes and materials capable of transmitting how we are and what our customs are. Through the simplicity of our pieces we want to bring to the table the calm and slowness of the passage of time that characterises handmade ceramics. Objects that reveal the purity of their lines and materials, feeling the earth on our table. Ceramics with an origin that makes us aware of the place and the moment.


Let's do something together

In our workshop we combine the production of collections with specific projects, so if you have an idea in mind write us to, we will be happy to know what’s on your mind and we can develop the idea together.